OKC City Council Suggests Mental Health Help For Police

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 5:44 pm
By: Karl Torp


The debate is growing over how to reform police departments nationwide in the wake of George Floyd's death.

In Oklahoma City, hundreds of residents have written emails and spoken out about the need to take funding away from the police department.

On Tuesday, OKC city council talked about possible changes.

Councilman James Cooper suggested Crisis Invention Training for all police officers- but primarily new officers.

He's also suggesting a crisis hotline and *discreet mental health services for police officers who may be suffering from depression or PTSD from their jobs.

“We at the city are proving that for our men and women on the front lines of the police,” said Councilman James Cooper, who is also suggesting more outreach to the homeless and youth.

Cooper suggested using CARES act money to pay for the new programs.

A budget has to be signed by June 23.

The City's general counsel said its late in the game to change OCPD's budget.

But budget amendments can be debated and passed after that date.

“We know what is not working to keep people safe and that is out current system,” said City Councilwoman JoBeth Hamon.