Animals Rescued From Spencer Dog Fighting Ring Given New Futures

Friday, May 29th 2020, 5:47 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

MCLOUD, Okla. -

A group of dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring in Spencer earlier this year are getting a second chance, thanks to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Nearly all 20 dogs are going through the Guardian Angels dog training program at Mabel Bassett.

“Being able to rehabilitate them, it also rehabilitates us,” inmate Carol Pierce said.

Over the past few months, Pierce and her fellow inmates have been training the first dog rescued from the ring.

“I’m sure going to miss her,” Pierce said as the dog, Fancy, graduated Friday.

Fancy walked away from the correctional facility with new skills and comfort, but like the other dogs in her group, she is scarred.

“It makes me emotional, because they are so mistreated, some of them,” Pierce said.

Local rescue Mutt Misfits stepped in to foster the dogs following the raid on the ring.

“It’s pretty rough. They’ve got scars. Some of them are hidden now from their fur but they’re scarred up. They’ve got broken teeth, Amanda Reed with Mutt Misfits said.

However, Reed said she and the other rescuers knew all 20 pups were worthy of a second chance.

“They just need love and support and ultimately patience,” Reed said.

So, Mutt Misfits collaborated with the Department of Corrections, so inmates could train the dogs on interaction and simple commands.

Fancy is the first of the group to graduate after two months and is now ready for adoption.

“If I was out there right now, I would take her home with me, because she’s that lovable,” Pierce said.

The second dog, Calypso, entered the program at Mabel Bassett Friday.

Anyone interested in adopting the pups can reach Mutt Misfits on their website or by calling 405-254-0218.