New State Law Requires Electronic Prescriptions For Controlled Substances

Wednesday, January 8th 2020, 2:19 am
By: Caleb Califano

A new state law is changing the way patients will have to get certain prescriptions at the pharmacy. 

This new law focuses specifically on controlled substances, like pain and anxiety medication. Before you could bring in a paper prescription, but now it has to be done electronically.

This requirement does many things for both the patients and the pharmacist, including easier storage of the prescriptions, faster times in getting your prescription, and it can even help avoid further mix ups with different medication, reducing the possibility of a serious allergic reaction.
One of the biggest impacts this new law has is slowing down or all out stopping the possibility of a forged prescription. 

"It cuts out on a lot of forgeries we have been seeing, and us having to take the time to verify if it was a legitimate prescription or a forgery. It took a lot of doctor time, it took a lot of our time," said Beth Walton, the manager at OU Children's Pharmacy.
While some smaller pharmacies may not have the ability to do electronic prescriptions right now, most large retailers like CVS are able to comply to the new law.