Fellow Soldier Searches For Owner Of Lost Deployment Ring Found At Car Dealership

Wednesday, January 8th 2020, 4:58 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A local car dealer looking to get drivers into new vehicles is now looking for the owner of a deployment ring.

The ring turned up in the lost and found at Bob Howard Toyota earlier this week.

At first glance it looks like a graduation or class ring. Somehow the National Guard deployment ring lost its owner.

The ring was given to the dealer's receptionist at some point this week by a customer.

“This is pretty sentimental,” said Bob Howard Toyota service advisor, Coltan Armstrong. “It is kind of cool they brought it to me, brought it to my attention and asked for me to possibly help get it back to who it belongs to.”

Management knew Armstrong was the man for the job. He himself is a proud member of the Oklahoma National Guard.

The ring has the initials "J" and "R" on the side.

“This one has the Iraq deployment 2003-2004 with the big red one which is first infantry,” said Armstrong. “On the other side, Iraq 2008 Oklahoma National Guard the 45th the Thunderbirds. It just shows two deployments, a combination type deal.”


It's interesting how some things play out. A fellow solider is helping to return an item money simply can't buy.

“It’s 18 months of his time right here, 18 months of his life he spent overseas,” said Armstrong. “You can't just go out and by a new one or recreate it because this one kind of holds the sentiment as it is, it is just something he would probably want back,” said Armstrong. 

If you know someone who the ring belongs to, or if you’re the owner, give Bob Howard Toyota a call at 405-936-8600.