Strangers Step In to Help Woman Who Crashed Car Into Apartment

Monday, January 20th 2020, 5:45 pm
By: Amber Gerard

After being beaten and left for dead, 37-year-old Kristy Field didn’t believe that goodness existed anymore. But a stranger’s kindness has given her hope again.

Last month Kristy Fields accidently crashed her car into her small one room home.

"I might have been the technical operator not operating in a technical way,” Fields said laughing.

However, at the time it was no laughing matter. The front wall and door were destroyed.

"Either it was going to live without me or that I was going to be living in it and fixing.”

With a limited income she couldn't afford the repairs so, she said she went on a scavenger hunt for materials.

"I ran into a young man on his lunch break."

That young man was Isaac Ballweber. His father owns I & L Construction. Once he saw the damage, he knew he had to help.


Using material and supplies donated by his father and his own time, Ballweber is giving her home a true makeover.

"It wouldn't be a lot of fun to not have a door or a window especially in this weather," he said.

Since the attack Fields has been working on her recovery, both mentally and physically.

Finding a safe place to call home was a part of that process, which is why Isaac’s kindness means so much.

"He told me basically to get up off the pity pot Kristy, you can live again, you can do this. Yes, he took something from you but what you’re going to gain back is much more than that,” Fields said.

Isaac and his dad hope to be done with the repairs by the end of the month.



","published":"2020-01-20T23:45:30.000Z","updated":"2020-01-20T23:56:15.000Z","summary":"A stranger’s kindness has restored a woman’s hope in humanity. Kristy Fields, 37, accidentally crashed her car into her home last month. With a limited income Fields said she was unable to afford the repairs. However, a chance encounter with a","affiliate":{"_id":"5cc353fe1c9d440000d3b70f","callSign":"kwtv","origin":""},"contentClass":"News","createdAt":"2020-05-20T21:33:25.726Z","updatedAt":"2020-05-20T21:33:25.726Z","__v":0,"show":true,"link":"/story/5ec5a2252ac80d591f262251/strangers-step-in-to-help-woman-who-crashed-car-into-apartment","hasSchedule":false,"id":"5ec5a2252ac80d591f262251"};