Only On 9: Norman Wife Speaks Out After She Was Stabbed By Her Husband

Thursday, February 6th 2020, 12:30 am
By: Ashley Holden

A Norman man is facing multiple charges after allegedly attacking his wife, stabbing her multiple times. 

Police said the reported attack happened in the afternoon on Monday, January 27 in the 800 block of Branchwood Court.

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A 911 call reveals the alleged victim, 19-year-old Skyler Hermes, escaped with the help of her next-door neighbors. 

"His birthday was just on the 13th so he just turned 20," said Skyler, now out of the hospital.

The teen can remember sweet memories with her husband. She said they got married in June but she's known Hunter since they were young kids. Skyler said the attack happened after she walked into the garage to talk to her husband about her taxes.

"I was excited to tell him how much I was getting back and he kinda had a little attack and just went off and just started stabbing," Skyler. 

She said he used a steak knife to stab her repeatedly. She thought those would be her final moments. 

"It was bad," said Skyler. "I was scared because when I was laying there all I was thinking was I'm going to die because I got so weak. I couldn't get up."

Desperate to get help, she said she eventually broke away and ran next door. 

Skyler said she hasn't talked to her husband, who's currently being held in the Cleveland County Jail.

Through tears Skyler said this whole situation has been hard for her physically and mentally, but she said she's not mad at her husband. 

She and her family said Hunter has schizophrenia and has problems taking medicine. 

"He just gets so in his medication and then he starts doing better and feels like he can control it and then he has an episode," said Skyler's dad, Davey Horn. 
Instead of prison, Skyler just wants her husband to find the help that will work for him.

"I'm afraid he's going to end up killing himself or killing someone, and he really needs it," said Hunter. 

She said Hunter has been to mental facilities before but doesn't think he's kept long enough. 

Hunter's next court date is set for Feb. 18.

In the meantime, Skyler is at home with her family and trying to get back on her feet. 

Her family has set up a GoFundMe to help with different expenses.