Gun Stolen From Burglarized Truck At NW OKC Restaurant

Tuesday, February 11th 2020, 12:22 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

A couple of suspected thieves broke into a truck while the owners were inside a northwest Oklahoma City restaurant. The suspects are accused of taking a gun and other belongings from the truck.

Breakfast at a restaurant near Northwest 80th and Western Avenue turned sour when a Tulsa couple realized their truck was burglarized.

“Come back outside and I look down on the ground,” said Bryan Plumb, burglary victim. “Seen something laying on the ground and was, what’s this? Looked up and my window was knocked out.”  

Bryan Plumb and his wife were in town for a rodeo. He said his pistol was missing from the center console and all of the clothes they packed were gone.

“It’s just low lives afraid to work, in my opinion,” said Plumb. “Get out and prey on people that do work.”

Plumb said he would have liked to catch them in the act.

“I just wish I could have gotten my hands on them,” said Plumb.

The man and woman were caught on camera inside the restaurant.

“It appears to be a white female with blonde hair,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “And possibly a Hispanic male and they were driving a four-door black sedan.”  

During the investigation, police found video of the suspects from another security camera. The suspect’s vehicle is seen parked next to the victim’s truck.

­­­The video shows the man take something out of the truck and then they quickly left the parking lot not realizing their actions were under surveillance.

“I would love to get my gun back,” said Plumb. “I’d like for them just to get caught that way they can’t do it to someone else.”  

If you recognize the people in the photos call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.