OKC City Council Passes Ordinance To Ban Vaping In Public Places

Tuesday, February 18th 2020, 12:28 pm
By: Amber Gerard

Oklahoma City council members passed an ordinance Tuesday that would ban vaping in public places.

With an 8 to 1 vote, the Oklahoma City City Council passed the new ordinance which bans the use of any tobacco product as well as the vaping of any substance.

The resolution was proposed by Ward 7 City Councilwoman Jo Beth Hamon.

"Putting some guardrails up, I think gives other people the opportunity to feel like, ‘I didn't want to walk into someone’s vapor cloud or their smoke cloud because I didn't consent to that second hand risk,’” she said.

Examples of tobacco products are cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Vaping is defined as the "action of inhaling and exhaling a vapor product” such as marijuana and oil.

"I wanted to treat them similarly because of the properties in them,” Hamon explained. “It’s not we’re targeting marijuana specifically when it comes to the vaping. If people are vaping tobacco the product, again it’s in invading other people’s public space."

The ban will be implemented in all public spaces where people other than employees are permitted to go, including state universities, indoor workplaces, restaurants; and any bar where 60% of the proceeds come from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The ban is effective immediately. Any person that violates the ban will be issued a $65 ticket. With court costs, the costs could be up to $178.

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