Local Group Honors Veterans One Flagpole At A Time

Sunday, February 23rd 2020, 1:06 pm
By: Hunter McKee

A local group is helping to honor our state's military veterans one flagpole at a time. 

The group is called Flag Poles Honoring Our Veterans. 

Kevin Blake said it started with him and a small group wanting to help a veteran who always wanted a flagpole in his front yard. 

They put it up for him and a video on Facebook caught people's eye.

Veterans from all around the state have reached out to get their own flagpoles.

“I get emotional with it because it touches my heart so much what we're doing for these people,” Blake said.  “How these people come together to help others and to support our veterans.”

Blake said the group is growing with over 1,800 members. 

Members donate money which goes straight to the purchasing of the flagpoles. 

Once a veteran reaches out, they come to their home, put the poll in the ground and honor the flag together.

“It's good to see people who aren't veterans that understand where we're coming from and appreciate what we've done in the past and what we're doing now,” veteran Ron Avery said.

The group has installed six flagpoles so far but have plans to travel to hundreds of more homes. 

Kevin’s wife, Ginger, said once she gets an email form a veteran, she calls to give them the good news.

“They're so shocked that we've called them and they're so shocked that we're taking the time out of our day to do something for them when we wouldn't be where we're at if it wasn't for them,” Ginger Blake said.

Avery lives in Yukon and was excited to hear the news that the group was headed to his home.  He said the support is overwhelming.

“It means the world to me, it's something you don't usually happen from the general public coming from a non-veteran person,” Avery said.  “It just shows a lot of their character and who they are.”

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