Man Convicted Of Raping Woman Who He Allegedly Befriended By Pretending To Be Gay

Friday, February 28th 2020, 5:26 am
By: CBS News

Atlanta resident Taurence Callagain was convicted of "brutally" raping of an unnamed victim — after befriending her weeks earlier, the Office of The Fulton County District Attorney said in a media release this week. The 36-year-old rapist "led the victim," who identifies as a lesbian and had a female partner, to believe he was gay to "deceptively gain" her trust, the release stated. 

According to police, Callagain told the victim he was gay to convince her he wasn't interested in a sexual relationship." On September 6, 2015, police said Callagain was giving her a ride home when they stopped at his home.

"He began to strangle her and proceeded to violently rape her," said the release. "During the rape, Callagain told the victim if she fought or screamed, 'I will get my boys to come in and hold you down.'"  

Police said she was able to escape Callagain's room and ran three miles to her home in the middle of the night before going to a medical center for treatment. She then called the police

The survivor was able to describe the inside of her rapist's home, police said. Her underwear was also discovered in his hamper, according to the statement. Callagain initially said the sex was consensual, but was later arrested, police said. 

He has a pending aggravated assault case in Fulton County, but does not have any additional criminal history. He was convicted earlier this week and will be sentenced at a later day.