'Giant Hug': Structures Nationwide Light Up In Bright Blue To Thank Pandemic Front Line Workers

Friday, April 10th 2020, 6:09 am
By: CBS News

Hundreds of structures across the country lit up blue Thursday night to say thank you to those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, reports CBS New York. The city was a big participant.

From Madison Square Garden to Broadway marquees and One World Trade Center, the city was shining bright blue.

Michael Fiur, one of the "Light It Blue" campaign's organizers, told the station, "We hope it just creates this giant hug for all the health care workers and essential workers."

More than 100 buildings and landmarks in New York and 400 venues nationwide were illuminated together at 8 p.m. local times Thursday.

The tribute was a "thank you" to all essential workers.

"It's because of the importance of the workers who are going into work every day, risking their lives, unlike anything we've ever seen before, and wanting to do something to show them we care," Fiur said.

While blue is a salute to health care workers, it's also intended to bring a sense of calm to the skyline, a little Band-Aid for despair and uncertainty.

"It's just a hopeful, bright color," Fiur said.

Broadway League President Charlotte St. Martin observed, "It's to say 'we're there for you."'

"Anything we can do that pulls us all together with the rest of the community is very inspiring," St. Martin added.

There was no building too tall or window too small to take part.

Organizers hope it was just the first of many weekly tributes "because everyone cares so much about these people who are literally putting their lives on the front line every day to save lives," Fiur said.