Kindergarten Teacher, Artist Team Up To Create Chalk Obstacle Courses For Kids

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 11:03 am
By: CBS News

A California kindergarten teacher and an artist wanted to create something fun kids could do outside while they're stuck close to home because of the coronavirus crisis. So the pair teamed up to create Disney-themed chalk obstacle courses in local parks.

"During the stay at home order, we saw this as a excellent opportunity to bring joy to families on their walks!" Sacramento teacher Brittany Kissinger told CBS News. "I know kids are missing their friends, school etc. And I wanted to do something that would help kids and families find happiness during this time."

Kissinger paired up with Nestor Mendoza, a local chalk artist, to create the obstacle courses in Sacramento parks last weekend. Mendoza created the detailed character drawings for the courses, while Kissinger designed and painted the obstacles, Mendoza told CBS News.

The creative duo has completed two Disney-themed courses so far — both of which integrated learning and exercise activities to work out kids' minds and bodies. The courses took about four to five hours to make, Kissinger said.

The first course, which was created with "Beauty and the Beast" imagery, encouraged kids to skip by chalk roses, do math with "teacups" and step on words that rhyme. The "Aladdin"-themed course instructed kids to sing while counting stars and jumping over the Genie.

The creations appeared to be a hit. 

"Because of social distancing we don't stick around too long after we create it," Kissinger said. "But my family lives close to the park where we made the 'Beauty and the Beast' obstacle course and my dad told me he saw kids going through the obstacles and people stopping to admire the art!" 

The pair said they already have their next project planned for the upcoming weekend. A local mom reached out to them and requested a special "Trolls" themed course for her daughter's socially distant birthday celebration, Kissinger said. So there will be more magic — and more learning — to come.