Family Seeks Answers As Search For Missing Hennessey Man Continues

Wednesday, May 13th 2020, 9:34 pm

HENNESSEY, Oklahoma -

The search for a missing Hennessey man continues two weeks after he was first reported missing.

According to Ronald Rea’s daughter he told family he was headed to Texas and hasn't been heard from since.

Police consider Ronald Rea to be in danger. He requires dialysis three days a week and hasn’t shown up for them in two weeks.

“I think the hardest part is that it’s been so long since he had dialysis and we're not really sure if he’s OK,” said daughter Shelbi Rea.

Shelbi longs to hear her father’s voice.

“He has a billowy laugh, deep voice,” said Shelbi.

She hasn’t heard from him since late April.

“I looked, he hadn’t been on Facebook, I texted him, called, nothing,” said Shelbi.

She said during their last conversation he was oozing with excitement because she was accepted for her doctorate degree.

“He was really excited, excited because he wanted me to go,” she said.

During that conversation he told her he was coming home to Texas after things with his girlfriend Michelle Powell didn’t work out.

“He was treating me like dirt so, I just packed his stuff up and set it out on the porch and told him to come on get it,” said Powell.

Powell said after, a neighbor helped Rea load his belongings into his Jeep.

And that's the last she's heard of him.

“I’ve called his phone and it keeps going to voicemail, I’m sure he’s just hiding out,” said Powell.

His daughter said her father wouldn’t do that to her or his grandson.

“The first time my son got to go fishing, my dad actually took him so, it was a really good experience,” said Shelbi.

Police have since released a photo of Rea and his Jeep bearing Texas tags.

“I just hope he comes home soon. He’s missed,” said Shelbi.

Hennessey police have been consulting with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.