OKC's First Aquarium Set To Open In July

Thursday, May 7th 2020, 6:32 am


In just a few months Oklahoma City will have a new aquarium.

Blue Zoo will be located at Quail Spring Mall and the owner and CEO said they're on track to open in July.

The owner gave News 9 the first tour inside the two-story space to take a look at the progress they've made. 

"You have your all your favorite things people love, like you said, the sting ray, we have shark tanks, jelly fish, octopus [and] sea horses," described CEO Wesley Haws. 

He's hoping to take OKC on a journey inside Quail Springs and under the sea. He said this is his third aquarium he's built, with the other two in Idaho Falls, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. 

"We've built all of them in malls," said Haws. "Malls are looking to increase traffic and bring more interactive experiences."

Right now, what would be seven to eight store spaces are being transformed and prepped for under water life and even more.

"Our second favorite exhibit is actually upstairs and is an interactive bird exhibit," said Haws. 

There will also be virtual reality and other interactive areas for kids, like a 30 ft. pirate ship. 

 But this is more than a business venture to Haws. He's traveling the country building aquariums after he said a fish tank changed his life.

 "I was running a big farming operation in Africa in 2010, and I was attacked by a villager. And I ended up having two brain surgeries, and I didn't do anything for like three years." said Haws. 

He said that all changed when he got a fish tank. 

"I fell in love with that fish tank the chemistry and the fish. That fish tank engaged me back in life," said Haws. 

Eventually his passion turned into several businesses including Blue Zoo.

"I got the idea to do a little public aquarium in Idaho, and it's just grown since then," said Haws. 

Even with a few under his belt, the CEO said he's still nervous every time they build a new location. But he said he can't wait for people to step inside come July. 

Haws said they have had some issues with COVID-19 when it comes to getting shipments, but they are still on track for July.  

He doesn't plan to stop with OKC and has already chosen a new city for his next aquarium.

Annual Passes are already on sale on Blue Zoo's official website and are 30 percent off with the promo code BZOKC. More information on some of the animals, play tables and shows can be found on the site as well.