Chickasha Approves $350,000 Stimulus Package, Residents To Receive $50

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 10:18 pm

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma -

Some residents living in Chickasha city limits are about to become $50 richer. It’s thanks to a stimulus package passed by city council this week.

Between the oil and gas industry and COVID-19 it’s no secret our state is facing some serious financial times right now. Chickasha leaders are hoping they just eased the burden.

It’s no $1,200 check from the federal government but up to $50 for Chickasha residents may be the key to helping ease financial woes for local businesses.

“It’s been a struggle, definitely,” said Nigel Dunham.

Nigel and Holly Dunham own Canadian River Brewing Company. With business down a whopping 90% they couldn’t be happier with city council’s 7-2 vote Monday night.

“I think it is imperative that it stays local just from the standpoint that is a fairly small population,” said Nigel. “If we can just get the people to keep even a large portion of the $50 local, it is going to mean a lot to us business owners.”

The money is coming from a sales tax collected years ago, approved by voters, only to be used for economic development purposes only.

Who receives the check will be based on city utility records.

“They are looking at the residents that are staying in these homes,” said Chickasha Mayor Chris Mosley. “They may be a renter, they may be a homeowner. We will make sure that the resident receives that gift.”

The local fire association said Chickasha is down a rescue squad due to budget cuts. A sales tax is needed now more than ever.

“These are my neighbors, these are my friends,” said Mosley. “You get to know a lot of people and you worry about them in the long run.”

Mosley said residents can except to see a check in the mail as soon as a week from now.