Oklahoma National Guard Members Begin Disinfecting Metro Nursing Homes

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 8:52 pm
By: Clayton Cummins


Another day means another nursing home has been disinfected by the Oklahoma National Guard at the request of Governor Kevin Stitt’s Solution Task Force.

Soldiers were in the metro Tuesday protecting the elderly from COVID-19 at Accell at Crystal Park located near Walker and Interstate 240.

A group of approximately 10 soldiers arrived around 9 a.m. Residents, some even veterans, and staff were happy to see the soldiers.

Armed with buckets, hand and pump sprayers two separate groups entered the facility in full personal protection equipment to help disinfect the building.

“Our goal is to try to protect this population as much as we can,” said SFC. Scott Stillwell of the 63rd Civil Support Team.

Work statewide began last week.

The Oklahoma National Guard is using a chemical called “BruTab 6s,” which breaks down into different chlorines for disinfection of COVID-19.

“We clean the outside patio furniture, clean exterior and interior doors and door frames,” said Stillwell. “(They are) places that they might not think of regularly and we try to leave them with a list of suggestions of places that can be commonly missed.”

Guard members said they’ve been impressed by facilities they’ve visited so far statewide.

Disinfecting nursing homes and long-term care facilities takes quite a bit of prep work.

“We do try to get some sort of blueprint, so we can come up with a plan of how we are going to go in and help disinfect,” said Stillwell. “We want to see what type of floors and walls they have to see where we are actually going to use our solutions.”

Private First Class Nathan Greenhagen helped provide supplies mid-mission, along with helping fellow Conrad’s disinfect themselves after the job was done. His main goal is to help calm fears.

“It beats sitting around at home,” said Greenhagen. “I like helping people and these are the people that I think need help the most.”

The fight is far from over. A battle Oklahoma National Guard is prepared for.

“I’m sure everyone is ready for us to get back to a more normalcy of life but until that happens, we’re here to help and do what we can,” said Stillwell.

The Oklahoma National Guard will be at the Norman VA Wednesday to help clean facilities.