Doctor Says Vaccine For Coronavirus Could Be Over A Year And A Half Away

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 5:40 pm

There have been less patients coming into hospitals, according to some doctors. But even though they may be seeing less patients the virus is still here.

Doctors and researchers at OU Medical have been working towards finding a vaccine for COVID-19 from the very beginning.

There are at least three projects underway with some promising results.

But doctors have said time and time again that this is no easy task considering there are different parts of the virus that researchers have to look at and test.

Dr. Drevets with OU Medical estimated that it may be more than a year before we could see a vaccine.

“Although there is a pretty good idea the parts of the virus that you need to make antibodies against,” said Dr. Drevets, OU Medicine Chief of Infectious Diseases. “But, you really don’t know what ones will work best for a while.”

In some of Dr. Drevets reading, he has said there are some projects across the United States that are moving forward. He said there is some that may be tested on people soon.

While we wait on a vaccine some patients are being given plasma of recovered patients. Dr. Drevets said two patients at OU Medical have received the treatment.

“I am told two patients here received plasma and I am told they are both doing well,” said Dr. Drevets.