Local Companies Using Their Resources To Make Personal Protective Equipment For Hospitals

Monday, March 30th 2020, 1:32 pm
By: Hunter McKee

Two Oklahoma City metro companies are using their resources to make personal protective equipment, like masks and face shields, and shipping them to hospitals around the country.

As health officials across the state continue to man the front lines of the battle against coronavirus (COVID-19), keeping them safe is a top priority.

“That’s our frontline heroes the people who are at our local hospitals, the care providers who are providing amazing care to people who are being affected by the COVID-19 virus,” said Steven Hall, Owner of Mod Scenes.

Mod Scenes is a stage design manufacturer in Norman.  Hall said when he heard about the need for protective gear, he knew he could help make face shields.

“So, if you’re wearing glasses or if you have masks on this gives additional line of protection and helps the masks longer,” said Hall.

The company will be able to produce 500 face shields per day. Hall said they will not only be sending the material to local hospitals, but to other states as well. 

Mathis Mattress Manufacturing said they’re also assisting healthcare professionals during this crisis.

“When the Mathis family became aware of the shortage of hospital masks for our frontline workers and for patients, we realized that was something we could actually help out on,” said Kerry Tramel, president of Mathis Mattress Manufacturing.

Mathis Mattress Manufacturing has already produced thousands of masks and Tramel said they gave hundreds to OU Medical Monday morning.

“When they came in and they picked up a thousand or so masks, they were literally so grateful it really made us feel like we were making a difference,” said Tramel.

To receive protective gear, you can reach Mathis Mattress Manufacturing at 405-951-1367 and Mod Scenes at 530-723-6421.