Experts Explain Coronavirus Travel Precautions

Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 7:47 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Travel experts advise taking precautions and checking the Center for Disease Control’s website before booking trips out of the country.

Lindsey Martin, owner of Nichol’s Travel in Edmond, said coronavirus concerns have given some of her clients pause.

“I would definitely say there are less people booking right now. I think, because of the uncertainty,” Martin said.

Martin is reminding travelers to do their research, even when traveling within the United States.

“If you're wanting to travel and you're ready to get away there are places that you know, are safe to go,” Martin said.

Based on her expertise, Martin recommends looking into trip insurance, or prolonged final payments when possible.

“We actually have suppliers who are doing some great things. So, if you have a summer cruise in the Mediterranean, they are possibly moving final payment dates. So, then you have another month to decide. You don't have to decide today,” Martin said.

Karen Carney with the Will Rogers World Airport said airport traffic hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus so far.

However, the airport is hanging up signs to remind flyers to wash their hands.

“If everybody pays attention and conducts good hygiene and that kind of thing, it's still safe to travel,” Carney said.