Dusten Brown, Biological Father Of 'Baby Veronica', Surrenders In Sallisaw

Thursday, September 5th 2013, 1:10 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma man's fight to keep his daughter took another complicated turn Thursday. Little Veronica's biological father, Dusten Brown, spent 45 minutes in custody after turning himself in at Governor Mary Fallin's request.

A lot of people thought the second Governor Fallin signed the extradition order, that Dusten Brown would be picked up and sent to South Carolina.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff said that's not entirely true.

Dusten Brown turned himself in at the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department about 15 hours after Governor Fallin signed extradition orders that could send him to South Carolina to face criminal charges.

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"I can understand, both states fighting and the sheriff's department is just kind of in the middle. We're just trying to do our job the right way," said Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Sequoyah County Jail records show Brown was placed in custody a little after 10:30 Thursday morning. He then met with the district judge and was released on bond 45 minutes later.

This is something that Sheriff Ron Lockhart has never seen happen under a governor's warrant.

"Typically, the governor sends the warrant and he is placed in jail until the hearing is heard," Lockhart said.

The sheriff said, at first, he refused to release Brown, until he called Governor Fallin's office to get clarification about the law.

"The governor's office deferred it to the court system, and that's why he was released. It was through the court system," Lockhart said.

Last month, a South Carolina judge issued a warrant for Brown's arrest after he failed to appear at a court-ordered meeting with Veronica's adoptive parents.

He later turned himself in to authorities in Sequoyah County and was released on bond.

"You're innocent until proven guilty, I understand that, but it is frustrating to law enforcement," Lockhart said. "I'm sure it's frustrating to South Carolina officials, also. I'd be frustrated, too, if I was trying to get somebody back here."

Sheriff Lockhart said Brown will now have to go before the district judge, who will ultimately determine if Veronica's biological father will be extradited to South Carolina.

This is a very emotional case for everyone involved. In recent days, attorneys on both sides have been trading barbs. A lawyer for Veronica's adoptive parents said desperate people do desperate things, and she expects more of the same from Brown's attorney in the coming days.