Jay Man In Federal Custody On Complaint Of Making A Threat To Arizona Sheriff

Tuesday, March 11th 2014, 11:33 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma man is in custody after probable cause led to a federal complaint. Gregory Lynn Shrader, 55, was arrested after investigators say he, allegedly, mailed a suspicious package to Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, of Arizona.

According to the complaint, in April of 2013, a package was placed in a United States Postal Service collection box in Flagstaff, after an employee had concerns about its appearance, and contacted Postal Inspectors to review the package. Upon their investigation, they noticed a silver grain-like material coming out from one of the seams.

Federal criminal complaint

An X-ray of the package was ordered, and images show, what appear to be, wires, a battery, a pressure-release switch attached to the lid of the box, and a bottle that contained, what was later found to be, an explosive, smokeless powder.

Investigators later deemed the package to be inoperable.

Law enforcement questioned, W.B. Stewart, the name on the return address. Stewart denied any involvement, but believed his former business partner, Shrader, who had framed him in the past, was behind the package.

During their investigation, FBI agents obtained bank records and video evidence that placed Shrader and a woman, driving a silver Nissan Rogue in Flagstaff the same time the package was discovered.

After executing a search warrant at Shrader's address, investigators found a document of an image that closely resembled the return address label on the package.

Agents also questioned the woman, who the Rogue was registered to, and she confirmed that she was in Arizona on in April of 2013 with Shrader, that they used her vehicle and that she saw Shrader handle a package with surgical gloves.

Shrader was arrested March 6 on complaint of willfully making a threat. He is in custody with a transfer to Arizona pending.