Tulsa Physician Gives Tips For Avoiding Winter Allergies

Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 3:38 pm
By: News On 6

With the first freeze of the season under our belts, many allergy sufferers may think they're in the clear - but doctors say, not so fast. There are still some pesky allergens floating around through the winter months.

"Unfortunately winter does not mean the absence of allergies for everyone," said Dr. Jane Purser.

Dr. Jane Purser with the Allergy Clinic of Tulsa says while it may be the end to the ever nagging ragweed season, it's not the end of allergies for the year. Tulsa boasts a year round allergy season--and some may not realize what's causing their sniffing and sneezing.

"We get a bump in the cedar pollen which presents another itchy eye, sneezing trigger of allergies even though it's winter," Dr. Purser said.

And the wind in Oklahoma doesn't help either. It kicks up the beautiful fall leaves, but what's lurking underneath them isn't so pretty.

" They have mold on the back of them," the doctor said. "So they float in the air, and people that have asthma and sinus issues that are related to mold allergies might have a flare."

If you are still suffering in the colder months, Dr. Purser says there are things you can do to help with your symptoms.

In the winter months, to run a humidifier actually helps the nose filter better to prevent viral infections and other problems. She also recommends saline nasal sprays, salt water rinses and Neti pots. They clean out debris inside the nose and wash out unwanted allergens.

Those are the easiest ways to keep the most wonderful time of year sneeze free.