Tulsa Man Arrested After Approaching Officer, Admitting To Rape

Thursday, November 17th 2016, 7:59 pm
By: News On 6

An admitted rapist is behind bars in Tulsa after the case was solved in an unusual way.

An officer was sitting in his car when a man walked up to him and said he wanted to confess to a rape.

He was taken to an interrogation room at the sex crimes unit where detectives say the man admitted having sex with a woman who was extremely intoxicated.

They said he admitted she would not have consented to have sex with him had she not been incapacitated.

Detectives arrested Mason Dailey, then, called the woman.

Sergeant Jillian Phippen said, "She just remembers waking up with certain injuries."

Detectives knew of Dailey already because, back in June, a woman reported being asleep on his couch and waking up with some of her clothing removed and him moments away from raping her. She said she escaped but didn't want to prosecute.

Plus, in 2014, they say a 14-year-old girl told DHS, Dailey had raped her, but, she too, didn't want to pursue it.

Phippen said, "You have victims who are scared and don't want to come forward at the time but we always have that information in the back of our minds."

The sergeant said after they contacted the June victim and the teenager, both now agreed to cooperate with prosecuting Dailey.

"Once you get somebody to come forward that shows that courage, that courage gets passed on to other victims, and that's what happened here," Phippen said.

Oklahoma has a law that allows people to get a rape exam without ever filing a police report. That evidence will be kept forever, so if the victim later wants to make a report or prosecute the rapist, they can.

Police say they are glad the three women have agreed to cooperate. They say if there are any other victims out there, they would encourage them to come forward.