Beggs Community Holds Prayer Vigil For Victims Of Triple Shooting

Thursday, November 1st 2018, 10:15 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The community of Beggs came together as one and held a prayer vigil at Beggs Dome next to the high school.

People wore multi-colored ribbons to honor the three victims. They are colored gold, black, and white. Those in attendance said when a tragic incident like this happens, it affects everyone and the whole town comes together.

"We are such a small community that it definitely affects all of us like a small family here," said Ribbon Organizer Sonya Richardson.

Friends say the victim is Kayson Toliver who was a senior and a football player. His Coach David Tenison says he was a lively young person with a good heart and a good spirit.

"It’s okay to be grieving in situations like this where we've lost not only a brother, a teammate, a classmate, a friend," said Coach Tenison.

Just down the road, a local restaurant was filled with sorrow support, and the will to come together. Sonya Richardson spearheaded the effort to make ribbons, to show support, and to help unite those who are mourning.

"You know we don't know what to do in a time like this we don't know what to say but just to do something just to have something to do to get together here and support each other," said Beggs resident Pam Kautz. 

Each color of the ribbon has a meaning, the sheer ribbon represents the teen who died. The other colors represent the two who were hurt and the school districts colors, as parents, children, and others continue to support a grief-stricken community.

"We are leaning on one another we are giving each other support, and this may be a small gesture but its an opportunity for us to come together and to bond and to grow,” said Richardson.

Amy Hall was arrested on a first-degree murder complaint and two complaints of shooting with intent to kill.