OKC sends letter to Schultz

Friday, May 9th 2008, 11:28 pm
By: News 9

By Stacey Cameron, NEWS 9

A month from now a judge will decide whether the Sonics are playing in Oklahoma City next season.

In the meantime - a legal conflict with the team's former owner has him thinking he could win the Sonics back and keep them in Seattle.

Oklahoma City leaders, however, say the deal is done.

That deal is the lease agreement - signed last month - for the Sonics to play at the Ford Center in Downtown OKC.

Howard Schultz is the man who sold the Seattle Supersonics to Clay Bennett almost two years ago.

Schultz was all smiles back then, but he's not smiling now. That's because Bennett's moving the Sonics to Oklahoma City.

So, Schultz's is suing. Wanting to take his jersey, ball and Sonics back to Seattle.

Some OKC hoop fans describe Schultz's plan to win the Sonics back in litigation a crock.
As far as the lawsuit goes, Oklahoma City may not be picking sides, but the city's lawyers did send Schultz a letter.

    Read the City's Letter to Howard Schultz

"Our legal staff felt it was wise for us to check in and let people know our position in the issue," Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said.

And the city's position according to Mayor Mick Cornett is regardless who owns the Sonics - the team signed a lease to play in the Ford Center and the city's going to enforce that agreement.

"It was just informational, not confrontational," Cornett said.

Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks and while the city's letter didn't get confrontational him, it's pretty clear if Schultz gets the team back - and breaks the Ford Center lease, it's going to cost him more than a cup of coffee.

"We do have a lease for 2010-2011 season, and that's our position," Cornett said.

But for basketball fans in Oklahoma City - when it comes to letters and courtroom litigation their position is they'd rather watch basketball on court than in court.