Restaurant hauntingly elegant after 44 years

Friday, June 6th 2008, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

The history of the Haunted House Restaurant begins with three deaths, two of which remain unsolved to this day.

The late Arthur Thibault wanted a restaurant different from the others in town, and when a particular piece of property came up for sale at the sheriff's auction, Arthur and his wife Marian bought the property.

"He always wanted to have a place in the country like he knew in Minnesota, which was very private," Marian Thibault said. "When this became available, he took the chance and started it."

How did this 1935 house end up at a sheriff's auction?

"The last owner, Mr. Carriker, was shot to death outside," Marian Thibault said. "The stepdaughter went on trial for murder, but she was acquitted because the handymen gave different stories. It's an unsolved mystery."

Mrs. Carriker died shortly before her daughter went on trial. Some people believe the widow was slowly poisoned with arsenic. Some believe she died of consumption.

Both theories are rumors that have been passed down through the years.

The stepdaughter, Margaret, spent what money she had on her defense for the trial. Days before her eviction, she was found dead inside the house. No one ever knew what actually took place.

Mr. and Mrs. Thibault have since turned the property into one of Oklahoma City's more refined restaurants. The menu at the restaurant contains such dishes as grilled Norwegian Salmon with a white wine dill sauce to fried Calamari served with the Thibaults' own house cocktail sauce.

Despite the exquisite dishes, according to Marian, some guests seem to have additional experiences.

"Some people are more superstitious I guess and they say they get vibrations," Marian Thibault said. "One time, there was a psychic convention here in town, and they came out for dinner and of course they wanted to go around and see what impressions they got. They told me they could see a lady sitting upstairs in the window crying... and that they got vibrations in different rooms."

Marian Thibault has never experienced anything extraordinary or paranormal herself. In fact, she doesn't believe in such superstitions. However, she does welcome everyone to come out for an elegant dinner in a beautiful setting.

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