Power outages remain across metro

Friday, June 6th 2008, 8:00 pm
By: News 9

By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

Thursday's wild weather knocked out power to a lot of folks. OG&E's system watch shows a little more than 4,000 customers are still without power.

Crews are working hard to restore power, but it hasn't been easy for those in the dark and without air conditioning.

The Village and Nichols Hills area was hit pretty hard with power outages. At one point about 9,000 were without power including a busy shopping center.

As storms moved through the state ominous clouds filled the sky and furious winds ripped down the plains.

The gusts toppled over vehicles and sent power poles to the ground which lead thousands without power.

"We had a large number of customers without power beginning yesterday afternoon up in the 25,000 to 30,000 range," Gil Broyles with OG&E said.

OG&E reports most of those were in the Oklahoma City metro.

While some businesses in The Village pulled out generators employees at a local Ace Hardware sweated through most of the day without power.

"Air conditioning, that's the hardest part to get used to," Ace Hardware employee Josh Atkinson said. "It's a good thing it's not too hot today."

Guided by knowledge and a flashlight, Harold Baysinger gladly helped customers find what they need.

"We've been running each customer by hand back and getting numbers and prices off each item for them and doing it the old fashioned way," Atkinson said.

The checkout lanes moved a little slower than usual as cashiers relied on pen, paper and calculators.

"I haven't had too many people that were upset, just a few people that said, ‘Oh you charged us to much or too little for taxes.' Most of the times I haven't had any problems."

Working without power is not an ideal situation, especially on a big freight day. Seeing the big orange truck pass by offers some cool relief to the employees. OG&E restored power.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma crews is working hard to turn the lights back on in western Oklahoma. Power to the remaining 4,000 customers should be restored by midnight.