Charges filed in jail molestation case

Friday, June 20th 2008, 4:38 pm
By: News 9

By Dave Jordan, NEWS

The Department of Corrections responded Friday to allegations of molestation reports from the Joseph Harp Correctional Center. According to reports, a convicted sex offender serving a life sentence, was caught molesting his daughter during a visit.

Eugene Bond, the 43-year-old accused inmate, allegedly fondled his eight-year-old daughter. The guards were oblivious until another visitor spoke up.

"The wife of another inmate who was there visiting advised up that something inappropriate was going on," Jerry Massie of DOC said.

Bond's criminal record included at least three rape and lewd act convictions on his record.

"There were around 300 people in the visiting room at any given time and we'll have one or two or three officers there," Massie said. "It's much easier for an inmate to see if an officers watching."

Questions have been asked about how a man convicted of sex crimes could have visitation rights with a child.

"It's a little more complicated than just saying...that sex offenders shouldn't be allowed to visit," Massie said.

Bond will no longer be allowed to visit with his daughter and is now facing a lewd acts charge in connection with the alleged incident.

"We're surveying every correctional center in the country to see if they have special rules or visitation for these kinds of issues," Massie said.

Mashburn said Bond could face another life in prison charge if convicted again. Investigators are also reviewing surveillance video of the visit and past visits Bond had with his daughter.

Bond's wife, who brought the child to the prison, told investigators that she noticed her husband was sexually aroused by his daughter on prior visits.

She has been charged with enabling child abuse.