Gas stations to label ethanol blends

Monday, June 30th 2008, 9:50 am
By: News 9


Last month, NEWS 9's Alex Cameron reported on E-10 fuel, a gasoline mixture combining regular petrol fuel with 10 percent ethanol, being sold in Oklahoma City. But starting July 1, state law required gas stations to label ethanol blend fuels at the pump.

Marion Bass's job is making sure gas stations are complying with the new law. Bass is one of the Corporation Commission's 23 fuel specialists.

"If there is any ethanol in that gasoline, there has to be a sticker on the pump. It's the retailer's responsibility to put it on there," Bass said. "That alerts the consumer to the fact that ethanol is in there."

Labels may vary from station to station, but that should eventually change. Eventually retailers will have stickers that tell consumers the precise percentage of ethanol in the fuel.

The ethanol blend is usually cheaper than 100 percent gasoline, but some say it decreases gas mileage.