Thursday, July 3rd 2008, 7:54 pm
By: News 9

I'm one of those people who save stuff.  On big news days I save the newspapers and store ‘em in boxes.  9/11. The Iraq war.  The OKC bombing.  I could pull out the papers now stored away in my closet.

That's why I waited with anticipation to see the cover of today's Oklahoman.  The NBA's arrival in OKC was sure to be printed on the front page with big bold letters. And I was right.  "WE MADE IT" screams across the cover of today's edition of the Oklahoman.

I looked online for copies of the Seattle papers. 

Same thing.

"A SAD DAY" on one.

"HOOPLESS" on another.

I just have one complaint.   On this historic day for Oklahoma, I fear historians and our children's children will one day pull up the July 03, 2008 papers, scan the front page and realize what a big day this was for us.  And at the very bottom, they'll also realize two of our residents had an unusual & disgusting love for dogs.   Sigh.  

Dear Editors,

Why couldn't the dog story be buried on page 2A? or the METRO section? Or.. in the classifieds?  Please.  Honestly, I don't care where you put it, just not on the front page. Not today.  

Rusty Surette

P.S. - Isn't that a
Tulsa story, anyway?