Perry native on CBS reality show

Friday, July 11th 2008, 11:50 am
By: News 9

By Audrey Esther, INsite Team 

Perry native Travis Brorsen and his dog Presley will compete on the new CBS reality show Greatest American Dog.  Travis and Presley are one of 12 dog and owner teams that will compete in challenges that test the owner's ability to train their dog.

"I'm hoping that this competition will bring us together and make us buddies," Brorsen, a 29-year-old Perry resident said.

Travis said his year and a half old Boxer Presley has a shot at the title of Greatest American Dog if he can teach Presley not just new tricks but any tricks at all.

"I haven't worked with my dog, so for me it's all going to be the first time," he said. "If I do something wrong I'm going to take it with a grain of salt and try to do it the way that they recommend and the way it works with Presley because I don't know the right or wrong way yet," he said.

Perry Oklahoma is a long ways away from Hollywood, but this self described country boy now calls Hollywood home.

"Who would have known that growing up on a farming ranch in Oklahoma that one day I would end up in California and get my biggest job because of a dog that I have," the aspiring actor said.

Brorsen has had guest roles in several movies and television shows. He said competing on a reality show never appealed to him until a CBS employee approached him while walking Presley.

"Some lady stopped me and asked if I'd be interested and I said no not really I don't think that's really my gig but she talked me into interviewing with CBS and next thing you know I'm competing on Greatest American Dog," Brorsen said.

Presley is playful and energetic and Travis said Presley's energy gives him the edge.

"I think he could be the Greatest American dog because of his energy and his personality and how much fun he has and how carefree he is," Brorsen said.

The chemistry between reality show contestants often makes or breaks the show. Non-confrontational Travis said he isn't sure how he'll handle the conflicts and the living arrangements.

"I'm not a confrontational person I want to make everybody happy, he said." I think putting us all in this house is going to change all of that."  

Greatest American Dog airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. on NEWS9.