Viewing Oklahoma virtually 360 degrees

Sunday, July 27th 2008, 5:45 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

An Oklahoma business is changing the way people experience virtual tours on the Internet. is a photography and marketing company designed for the Internet. Owner and president Michael Windham started out wanting to help Oklahoma businesses.

"I wanted to go and help Oklahoma businesses in having a better Internet presence," Windham said. "We come in and give them the ability to show their business to the world in a format and a fashion that was not before possible."

Unlike virtual tours before, has perfected the seamless panoramic shots with clarity and no pixilation.

"It changes the way you experience the world. It changes the way the Internet's used," Windham said. "Before, it took a well produced video to even spark any emotion on the Internet, and now with these photographs, depending on the setting and the location, it gives you a real sense of being there."

The virtual tours offered by give the viewer complete control of what to look at.

"You click the picture, it launches in a window, it downloads and then you can control it with your mouse," Windham said. "You can left click and hold it, and you can spin it and drag it around just like you're there."

According to Windham, any business with a Web site could benefit from his companies virtual tours.

"Bed and breakfasts, hotels, churches, skate shops, motorcycle shops," Windham said. "If it's a business, and they've got something that they want to show the world, we can help them out."

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