Ghost investigation results

Monday, August 4th 2008, 9:15 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations has been busy for the past several weeks.

The Oklahoma ghost investigative team was recently requested by Debbie Miller, a Seminole resident, who has been experiencing strange things within her house.

The investigation provided multiple personal experiences, one of which left an investigator frozen from fear for a moment.

Click on Dee's experience at the right to hear what happened, and what was witnessed by everyone.

Unfortunately, the incident happened immediately after cameras stopped recording.

Another incident experienced by multiple team members was caught while cameras were recording. You can hear the incident take place just out of camera view.

Click on metal medallion to watch what cameras caught.

Not all experiences took place inside the house. O.K.P.R.I. investigator Dawg is still studying what he capture in a picture in the backyard.

Click on garage window to find out about his experience.

The Ritz Theater in Shawnee is another ongoing case for the team. Their most recent investigation didn't produce the type of evidence like it had in the past.

Multiple electronic voice phenomena have been discovered on past visits to the theater. E.V.P.'s are voices and sounds recorded on digital devices. It's widely believed the E.V.P.'s cannot be heard by the naked ear.

One E.V.P. captured was recorded around the stage area.

Click on go get out at the right to hear the E.V.P. for yourself.

Above the Ritz Theater used to be a boarding house for travelers. One puzzling E.V.P. was captured there.

Click ????? at the right to hear this E.V.P.

The most disturbing recording was captured within the theaters ticket booth.

To listen to this recording, click on dead.

A strobing light was recorded crossing the hallway of the boarding house.

To witness it yourself, click on light anomaly at the right.