Communicating with the paranormal

Sunday, August 24th 2008, 6:50 pm

By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- From the beginning of mankind's existence, people have tried to talk to those who are no longer among the living. One metro woman claims to have perfected a technique that allows her to communicate with the dead.

Lisa Ghariani is the founder of C.R.I.S., Contact Research Investigation Specialists. The all female group specializes in electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs. In layman's terms, Ghariani and her team collect voices of spirits and other entities that are not physically present.

"It's time intensive," Ghariani said. "It takes a long time to process properly the evidence you collect when you're recording for electronic voice phenomena."

Over the last three years, Ghariani has spent hundreds of hours perfecting her process, which she said she can teach anyone to do.

"This isn't anything special, or who-do-voodoo. I can take anybody in here and give them the formula for what I'm doing," Ghariani said. "In fact, all of them I've trained have been successful and have collected their own EVPs."

When investigating, Ghariani sometimes hears voices speaking to her directly and no one else present can hear the voices. The voices try to interact with her through conversations.  When the group reviews their digital recorders, you can then hear the voices responding.

Ghariani believes that there is a scientific explanation behind what the group collects.

"Some people, like myself, probably have just a little bit wider hearing range than most people," Ghariani said. "I don't think there's anything spooky about it or that I'm special other than I may have a wider hearing range."

Ultimately, Ghariani and her team would like to see electronic voice phenomena taken more seriously.

"I would like to see more real scientists take an interest in this because there is validation," Ghariani said. "We are getting these voices very clear. Voices we do not where they come from, often, they're interactive."

If you would like to listen first hand to EVPs collected by C.R.I.S., just click on the C.R.I.S. Web page.



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