Oxygen therapy reduces symptoms, ailments

Wednesday, August 27th 2008, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Okla. -- A new treatment, called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, may help people with many kinds of serious ailments.

Edmond Hyperbarics just opened up and their treatment can increase the level of oxygen up to 200 percent in the body, which may provide a better quality of life.

The hyperbaric chamber delivers pure oxygen, but it may be a bit intimidating at first.

"It's one thing to give a person a glass of water if they're thirsty, it's another to help them do something that literally will change the course of their life," said Roy Jones, one of the owner of Edmond Hyperbarics.

Jones and his wife, Vicki, opened the office to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy. They decided to do it, after their daughter who has autism underwent treatments in North Carolina, with positive results.

"I found that she would attempt to do things, like give me information in ways I had not seen before," Jones said.

The therapy can help reduce symptoms of anything from autism to brain injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy or sports injuries.

"I've tried everything and I want to be able to be productive again and go back to work," said Carolyn Escobedo.

After suffering a stroke, Escobedo lost some of her memory and use of her left arm. Wednesday, she tried oxygen therapy for the first time.

"If there is hope in anything that can bring your life back, yes it's worth it," Escobedo said.

She could only handle staying inside the chamber for a short time. The pressure bothered her ears since she's having sinus trouble. Escobedo is a bit disappointed, but will try again soon.

"I pray then that I'll be able to finish and get some results from it," she said.

The treatment is $150 each time and some insurance covers it. Edmond Hyperbalic will not treat you unless you have a prescription for this therapy from your doctor.