'Miracle Baby' Blesses Family

Wednesday, November 19th 2008, 7:36 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

Doctors said it could never happen, but they were wrong. One Oklahoma family experienced a new life and a miracle.

There's something special about the little boy, and it's his name that first lets you know that he is not like everyone else.

"My mother named him Praze for praise the Lord," Nannette Bert said.

Praze is appropriately named for a child who no one ever expected.

"It's just a miracle in itself because they told me I wouldn't have children," Bert said.

Praze's birth is a miracle because Bert is paralyzed from the chest down. Nearly 16 years ago she and her cousin were driving in a car, at night, when they crashed into a 1,600 pound bull.

"It landed right on me, right on my neck and it broke my vertebrae five, six and seven," Bert said.

Doctors thought Bert's condition would prevent her from getting pregnant. Little did her and her husband Wonka realize, years after the accident, she'd prove doctors wrong and Praze would be born.

"He has a gift, he's here for some reason that isn't revealed yet," Wonka said.

Praze is a gift that comes with its share of challenges. Wonka is constantly busy caring for his son and wife.

"Hardly ever get any me time, you know, but, that's understandable," Wonka said.

And sometimes, Nannette's limitations frustrate her.

"When he cries, I can't get up and pick him up and hold him, or like when he was sick I couldn't do anything to help him," Nannette said. "I would tell him I don't feel like a mother because I can't do what I need to do."

Instead of feeling sorry for her, Nannette looks to Praze for inspiration.

"Sometimes I get tired of being like this, then I say I can't give up because of him," Nannette said.

Praze is an inspiration to more than just his family; his smile reaches a whole community where he's known as the Miracle Baby.

"The reaction some people get from him, you know, is surprising to us, and it still is," Nannette said.

Everywhere he goes, people flock to him, if just for a moment.

"They'll rub his head and they'll say, ‘I want some of his blessings,' and then they'll rub wherever they're ailing," Wonka said.

Everyone seems happier, and they all want some time with the Miracle Baby.

His presence continues to astound people, giving them hope.

A miracle who belongs to a family who believes, anything is possible.

"We're just truly blessed with him," Nannette said.

Praze's parents said we can all learn from their experience. They said don't ever give up, because you never know what unbelievable experience is waiting around the corner.

The family said another miracle is in store for them. They believe Nannette will walk again.