Some have Bradford emerging as Heisman frontrunner

Monday, December 8th 2008, 2:13 pm
By: News 9

Just like there is differing opinion on who should play in the national title game there is differing opinion on who will win the Heisman.

One bookmaker is listing the current Heisman odds with Colt McCoy the even money favorite, Sam Bradford next at 5-4 and Tim Tebow third at 7-2.

But another is currently taking money with different odds. This outfit updated its numbers at 11:16 AM this morning (Monday, December 08, 2008).

The numbers surprise me. They are staggering in favor of OU's Bradford. He is a prohibitive 1-4 favorite. Tebow of Florida is listed at 3-1 with McCoy of Texas the other player with a chance at 5-1.

FYI, those numbers mean that one would have to bet $4 to win $1 with Bradford--overwhelming numbers; $1 to win $3 on Tebow; and $1 to win $5 with McCoy.

It's not staggering that Bradford is favored, especially having the last stage on which to perform in Saturday night's total dismantling of Missouri in the Big 12 title game. But the number differential is what stuns me. This site is not speculating. It is actually doing business with those odds. There's a big difference.

I put Bradford's percentages last night on the Blitz at 45. I put Tebow's chances at 35 percent and McCoy at 20. Another words, I believe Sam has the best chance to win but believe it's a little better than 50/50 that one of the other two wins.

My reasoning and that of some insiders is that Bradford will need to be strong in the Midwest and Southwest and win in the West. Tebow will do very well in the East, where there are lots of votes cast.

I have felt McCoy will get a high number of votes in Texas-another place where lots of votes will be casts, and among those who feel strongly that Texas should be playing in the national championship game and not Bradford's Sooners.

I am one of the voters and can attest to the fact that it is not uncommon for voters to completely leave players off their ballots if they are rooting hard for their guy to win and if they believe so strongly that they completely leave the completion off the ballot.

It will hurt Tebow to have won last year. It hurts him that his offense does not allow Star Wars types of numbers. And it will hurt him that he got off to a relatively slow start.

It will hurt McCoy that his team was not the center of the attention-at least on the field-late in the season. It will hurt McCoy that Bradford came through in the clutch in those late games with maximum national exposure. And it will hurt McCoy that Tech's Graham Harrell was the frontrunner for awhile and will still garner votes.

It will hurt Bradford that politics will play a bigger role than they should. But other than that he is apparently not being hurt by outside factors as much as the completion.

One could build a strong case for Bradford based on his leadership, the example he sets for teammates and his rock solid beyond-reproach of his morals and character. His parents should and are proud of their only child of impeccable makeup who's just turned 21 year-olds.

But truthfully, the exact same can be said of Tebow and McCoy. This trio has taken advantage of great parenting. Unfortunately, the majority of college football players come from single parent homes or households that don't give them the support and help them become grounded in solid fundamentals of life as Bradford, Tebow and McCoy.

But a lot of guys have not used their blessed upbringing to their advantage. These guys have. They've these guys have taken advantage of their opportunities, worked very hard on the field, in the film room, in the classroom-each academic all-conference, in faith-based endeavors and in basically just consistently doing the right things.

Those are some of the reasons the race is so meaningful. Talk about being something good for parents to tell their kids and perfect examples of if you do things the right way that great thing can come your way.

The same cannot be said of several Heisman winners in the past, not excluding The Juice who must sit back and watch this 2008 race come to a conclusion wondering what if......

It's positively refreshing that this time around, with any of these three finalists, there will be no ifs ands or buts.

And you can take that one to the bank.