‘Twelve' Documents Drug, Alcohol Addiction

Saturday, January 17th 2009, 11:44 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Crystal Darkness aired on NEWS 9 earlier this week and received a great deal of responses. But another locally produced documentary about the fight against drug and alcohol addiction is also getting recognition.

The documentary "Twelve" gives a rare glimpse into the life of recovering young addicts. Twelve is the age young people typically start drinking and doing drugs, which is what gave the film its name.

"Started stealing my parents car, drinking and driving at the age of 12," said "Chris," who appeared in "Twelve."

This metro man, we'll call "Chris," was caught up in the addiction before his teenage years, selling and taking drugs and alcohol and he hit rock bottom.

"I lost control. I went into a fit of rage. I threw my girlfriend over a glass table, over a chair, into a wall," Chris said. "I was becoming the people that I said I'd never be like."

He tried to live a life of sobriety, than relapsed, this time with prescription medication.

"I took 67 pills in a 10 hour period and the next day, woke up in the emergency room," Chris said.

Jack Sinclair and a group of dedicated Oklahomans took three years to produce this prevalent problem onto the screen, to let the public know there is a way out.

"My passion is to show young people there's a solution and there's a better way of life, get off drugs and alcohol and find a new way," "Twelve" Executive Producer Jack Sinclair said.

Chris found that new way while seeking help family, counseling and fellowship, and now he's living proof that there is life after recovery.

"Once you do admit it, there's a relief in that and you're able to get the world off your shoulders," Chris said.

Chris is just one of many in recovery and this month, he's celebrating his nine year anniversary of continued sobriety.