Selling Parts of Your Body in Tough Economy

Sunday, February 8th 2009, 11:13 pm
By: News 9

By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- As more Oklahomans face layoffs, some people are considering more ways to put some extra cash in their pockets.

As the saying goes 'desperate times call for desperate measures,' and when facing losing your car or possibly your home, for some it's anything goes.

At ZLB Plasma, officials for the company said business is up and donations from 2008 are expected to break a record, meaning they'll be handing out more cash in return than ever before.

"Economy just made me has to come back and start donating again," Mary Heath said.

After losing her job, Mary Heath said donating her plasma has helped pay some of her bills. She brings in a little over $250 a month doing it, but some women are choosing to donate more than just plasma as a way to make money.

"It's not one that someone can view as two fold, three fold, or four fold, but there is definitely an increase," said Dr. Eli Reshev from the Bennett Fertility Institute.

Since the economy started hurting, Doctor Reshev who heads the Bennett Fertility Institute at INTEGRIS Baptist said he's gotten more and more women coming to his office wanting to donate their eggs.

"It's not an easy way to make money because it requires multiple visits, multiple injections, shots, also a surgical procedure to remove the egg," Dr. Reshev said.

But women who go through the process Dr. Reshev said certainly benefit from the $4,000 per egg they receive and from helping other women.

"The process is very gratifying as arduous as it is because you are helping someone get pregnant and you're obviously getting paid in the process as well," Dr. Reshev said.