Video of Shootout Involving Man Wanted in Tulsa, OKC Released

Tuesday, April 27th 2010, 5:47 pm
By: News 9

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A wild shootout involving Tulsa police and a man wanted for crimes in Tulsa and Oklahoma City was all caught on video.

Denny Phillips, 32, was wanted in Tulsa for questioning in the burglary of Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Huff's home, where someone stole a uniform, badges and guns. He is also wanted in Oklahoma City in connection with the deaths of four people.

Monday afternoon, Tulsa Police along with other law enforcement agencies located Phillips at a Tulsa motel.

Police said Phillips acted like he was going to surrender and started walking down a breezeway before he pulled out a gun. Phillips ran from officers and then turned around and pointed a firearm at police, but Tulsa Police said before Phillips could discharge the firearm, Officers Victor Regalado and Jack Pike fired their weapons, striking Phillips three times. Police said Phillips continued to reach for the gun even after he was shot.

EMSA transported Phillips to a Tulsa hospital, where he is listed in critical condition, but he is expected to survive. 

Authorities said Phillips had the gun on him Monday night that had been stolen from Huff's home.

Several people reportedly told police Phillips wanted to shoot a cop, and he wouldn't be taken without a fight. Police said that's why they weren't surprised when Phillips pointed that stolen gun at them.

"We had several people tell us he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory and take a cop when he did so," said Tulsa Police Detective Mike Nance.

Phillips popped up on the radar of Tulsa Police a few days ago when an informant told homicide Sergeant Mike Huff, Phillips was trying to sell two guns -- two guns that Huff recognized as having been stolen from his home during a burglary last Wednesday.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said Phillips has been a person of interest in the deaths of Casey Barrientos, Jennifer Ermey, Millie Barrera and star of the HBO reality series "Cathouse" Brooke Phillips. The four were found dead on November 9 after being shot, stabbed, slashed and set on fire inside an Oklahoma City home. Barrera and Phillips were also pregnant.

Phillips' MySpace page listed his occupation as cage fighter and pictures were posted of him at fight venues. There was also video of him on YouTube of his first professional Mixed Martial Arts fight when he lost by way of a knockout. That was last May and was also his last MMA bout.

Phillips also talked about his Native American Pride. Officers said Phillips claims to be a member of the Indian Brotherhood, a prison gang. Prison records showed Phillips served time for a number of crimes in Mayes County, including stabbing a man at a convenience store, theft and escape. He was sent to prison in December of 1996 and released in May of 2007.

"I believe citizens, good, hard working, honest citizens, don't come in contact with evil, but there is evil in the world and this man is evil," Nance said.

Phillips is currently facing drug and gun charges in Mayes County. The Oklahoma County D.A. said he sent a memo to his staff Monday, warning them to be on the lookout, afraid Phillips would use the stolen police uniform and badge, also taken from Sergeant Huff's home, to try to get into the D.A.'s office to do harm.

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