Homes Evacuated In Canadian County Due To Grassfires

Sunday, March 20th 2011, 3:30 pm
By: News 9

MUSTANG, Oklahoma -- Several agencies worked for nearly an hour to put out three grassfires in Canadian County Sunday afternoon.

It appeared two of the fires started off S.W. 44th Street, one between County Line Road and Morgan Road and the other near Frisco Road. The third grassfire appeared to have started a half of a mile south of S.W. 44th Street and Frisco Road.

Flames came dangerously close to homes near S.W. 29th and County Line Road, but no homes were damaged. Several of those homes were evacuated.

Numerous residents did what they could to protect their property from the fast moving flames.

George Unguran sprayed down hotspots that charred the wooded area by his home and he wasn't alone. Several other residents shoveled dirt to tame the flames, and homeowners in the Morgan Creek neighborhood used sprinklers to save their homes.

Canadian County Grassfires

Down the way, firefighters battled another fast moving blaze that destroyed 40 acres and threatened dozens of homes.

Firefighters battled high winds gusting up to about 33 mph. 

"Of course the wind and in the dry conditions, all the crews are  pretty well spent," said Oklahoma City Fire Battalion Chief Dewey Schmidt.

No structures were damaged or destroyed in the fires.

Fire officials said a firefighter received minor burns to his face.

"He was out on a fire line on a brush pumper and the wind shifted and it swirled around, and it's kind of enveloped him real quick. It just became a flash burn if you will," said Oklahoma City Fire Major Curtis Driscoll.

No other injuries were reported.

Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of the fires.