Piedmont Police Officer Shoots, Kills Former Firefighter

Tuesday, April 19th 2011, 10:17 am
By: News 9


YUKON, Oklahoma -- Police say a Piedmont police officer shot and killed a former firefighter who entered the officer's Yukon home and struck him.

Officer Jack Neumann, 37, was on his way home when his wife called him.  She was home alone with the couple's young children, and said there was a man banging on the front door and yelling to get in.

When the officer arrived at his home, the man, Devin Nemecek, had gone to the back of the house and was banging on the back door.

Neumann opened the door and confronted the man.  Police say Nemecek entered the officer's home, began yelling and hit Neumann twice with a metal object.  Neumann told police he tried to make Nemecek calm down and leave, but the man refused. 

Neumann says he felt threatened so he shot and killed Nemecek inside his house.

Yukon police say Nemecek was a former firefighter with medical problems who lived a few houses down from Neumann and his wife.

Investigators are trying to determine why Nemecek was at the officer's house.

Officer Neumann has been placed on paid administrative leave.