Oklahoma City Police Crack Down On Scalpers At Thunder Games

Saturday, May 14th 2011, 10:38 pm
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thunder fans trying to sell their tickets end up with a ticket to jail.

Oklahoma City police have arrested at least a dozen people for scalping tickets at Thunder games.

If you plan on selling your tickets outside the arena Sunday the most you can make off them is 50 cents, anymore than that and you are breaking the law. If you do it online though, how much you sell them for is up to you.

It's not the ticket Delvin Cooks was hoping for after winning a pair of seats to game 5 between the Grizzles and the Thunder.

"The ticket I wanted was to get in the game. All I got was a fat ticket to jail," Cooks said.

Police arrested Cooks after he tried scalping his tickets, valued at $10 each, for a $150.

"They had some husband and wife teams, but they were the police. You would never have known it because they were just like anybody else," Cooks said.

Undercover police also caught several others scalping, something Cooks has a hard time understanding.

"People be selling tickets like they want to online, there's no problem. But you do it in downtown Oklahoma City and you are going to jail," Cooks said.

"It's not fair. You can do it one place, but you can't do it another. It's either all or nothing," said OKC resident Angie Ward.

"If they don't allow it in the city limits, it's going to be done somewhere else," said Wayne Sykes.

It's why Cooks says he is contesting his ticket.

"I'm going to fight it in court to the end. Even if I have to do jail time, but I am fighting it to the end… all the way," Cooks said.

Another reason Cooks is eager to fight his ticket is because he says he is looking at a $750 fine.

After the BOK center opened in Tulsa, city leaders there also considered passing an anti-scalping ordinance but decided against it.