Supporting Oklahoma Troops, It's All 'In The Wrist'

Tuesday, July 19th 2011, 5:18 pm
By: News 9

Darren Brown, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- When her brother shipped off to Afghanistan, she wondered who would look out for her.  Now she's sending him some help of her own.   

Ten-year-old Hannah Torres may not have planned on working during her summer before fifth grade, but a small idea she had a few weeks ago has blossomed into a small business.  Her older brother Chaz recently deployed to Afghanistan with Oklahoma's 45th infantry, but before leaving he brought his family some survival bracelets from one of his training stops.

Hannah was fascinated with the bracelets and learned how to make them from a friend's mother.  Before long she came up with the idea to sell the  bracelets and use some of the money to send care packages to her brother.  She approached her mother Shelly Torres with her plan.

"And I said 'That's a wonderful idea,'" said Torres.  "Next thing I knew we were getting ten, fifteen, twenty orders a day."

Twenty orders a day might have seemed like a lot a few weeks ago, but now the orders are becoming mind-boggling.  Hannah and her mother just received an order from the Family Readiness Center for twelve hundred bracelets.  

Hannah's bracelets sell for five dollars apiece, but Shelly Torres has seen others selling for twice that amount.  She has asked her daughter about raising the price, but Hannah claims she's not doing it for the money.  She just wants to pay back her big brother.  She plans on sending at least ten boxes of goodies on the first shipment.

"'Cause they're out there fighting for us," Hannah said.

"I think this makes her feel closer to him, " Shelly said.  "Like she's doing something for him."