From Plays To Sports, Tuttle Opera House Gets Historical Transformation

Friday, October 14th 2011, 6:05 pm
By: News 9

Darren Brown, News 9

TUTTLE, Oklahoma -- We have taken several road trips all over the state and at each stop, we find something that makes that town unique.

News 9 took a tour of Tuttle and discovered one business that's taking something old and turning it into something brand new.

Tuttle Opera House was known throughout the whole southwest here.

"People from miles and miles around came here because it was kind of a, a hub of the entertainment business," said Jim Burney, longtime Tuttle resident. "And there was something goin' on here all the time."

Burney has lived in Tuttle for 60 years. He says the Tuttle Opera House hosted vaudeville shows, banquets, musicals, and plays. The last play was performed here in 1999. Many of the performances featured a local flair.

"In fact a lot of the older people in this town were basically, they acted in plays that was put together locally here," Burney said.

We asked Burney if he performed, but he said it's not his cup of tea.

"I'm not an actor...I am not an actor. I'm basically a farmer," Burney said.

There's a little room on stage right where many of the shows and their casts are remembered.

It's amazing to look at all the history on this wall here at the Tuttle Opera House, with plays stretching back to 1918. News 9 gets to be a part of that history.

The old theater's show days may be over, but it's about to get a new life as Tuttle's newest sports bar. The building's owners plan on bringing in new customers while keeping the charm of the old opera house.