New Details Revealed In Murder Of Pregnant Blanchard Mom

Wednesday, February 1st 2012, 8:59 pm
By: News 9

Jaymie Adams cried out for help more than once before she disappeared.

For the first time, police have released a 911 call Jaymie made before the pregnant mother was murdered.

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Jaymie twice reached out to police officers, saying she needed help to get away from her husband, Justin Adams. Only an hour after leaving a domestic violence shelter, she told police she was again afraid of her husband:

Norman 911 Dispatcher: Can I have your name and number?

Caller: My name is Jaymie Adams.

Norman 911: What's the problem?

Caller: My husband, I had left him earlier today and gone to a domestic violence shelter. He just started flipping out and slamming the brakes on the car and stuff.

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Norman police met Jaymie Adams, her husband, Justin, and her three kids at a local hardware store on November 7 when she called from the business asking for help. Captain Tom Easley says Jaymie explained to officers that her husband Justin abused her,

"When we got there she indicated she wanted to get away from her husband and that she was fearing violence."

Easley said at that time, the law prevented officers from filing a domestic abuse report because there was no evidence.

"The officer asked if she had any bruises, scratches, cuts to indicate physical abuse and at the moment she said ‘No, I don't.'"

After Oklahoma City Police arrested her husband for the murder of Jaymie and her unborn baby, police sent information to investigators.

"We went back and documented that contact between us and them," Captain Easley said.

Norman police indicated Jaymie also mentioned she had separated from Justin a few days before the November 7 call to 911.

On November 2, Jaymie went to Blanchard police. They said Jaymie called Justin abusive and said she did not want to be near her husband. Blanchard Police said Grady County Sheriff's deputies worked with Jaymie on that day but deputies did not take a domestic abuse report because they said Jaymie did not want to press charges.

One month later, on December 10, her husband reported Jaymie missing. Oklahoma City Police recovered her body nearly one month later on January 7.

Justin Adams is being held without bond on two murder complaints; one for Jaymie and one for her unborn child. No formal charges have been filed. Justin's attorney said his client is innocent.

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