Meet Brutus,The Pup That Won't Give Up After Being Shot

Monday, February 6th 2012, 7:03 pm
By: News 9

A Rottweiler Labrador mix survived a shotgun blast, an amputation, and isn't any worse for the wear.

Brutus, the "pup that won't give up", was spotted by Farah Payton-Snider's husband at a Newcastle store a few weeks ago.

"My husband was comin' home from work and stopped at a gas station," said Payton-Snider.  "He was there in the parking lot, and limpin' around."

Payton-Snider and her husband Will volunteer with Heatland Lab Rescue, so they were naturally concerned for the dog's well-being. 

They contacted Newcastle animal control, hoping that the dog's injuries could be handled locally.  But one of the dog's front legs was severely damaged, they assumed by a car.

Payton-Snider contacted Dr. Rick McNeal at Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City, and McNeal offered to take a look at the dog.  After an examination, McNeal determined the pup hadn't been hit by a car, but had been shot in the shoulder area with a shotgun.

By that time, the leg couldn't be saved, and McNeal had to amputate. 

"We do more than we would like to,especially in these kinds of cases," said McNeal.  "You've got a dog that's been shot.  That's not an everyday occurrence."

But Brutus, who the dog has since been named, seemed to take it all in stride.

"As soon as we took that leg off, he just went to motorin' around as though it had been in his way," McNeal said.

"It's amazing how resilient they can be," Payton-Snider said.

Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital donated around $3,000 worth of services for Brutus' care, and Payton-Snider is hoping to raise money through donations to pay at least half of that back.  She's got donation bins at her Main Street Florist shop and other businesses around Newcastle.

Brutus already has a potential family coming to meet him later this week.