Abducted Baby Back Home With Mom In Waurika

Saturday, February 18th 2012, 11:45 pm
By: News 9

A Waurika mom and her baby are back home.  Seventeen-month-old Aubrey Goodson made national headlines when she was abducted weeks ago. The OSBI says her father kidnapped her and tried to move 1,400 miles away.

Officers know the father, Bradley Goodson, didn't want to be found, because he tried to run after someone recognized him as a kidnapper.

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Police did catch up with Goodson and say he will spend Saturday night in a Florida jail.

For weeks, it was a mother's worst nightmare.

 "There's no word to even describe it," Aubrey's mom, Amanda Edwards said Friday in Florida. "I don't want anybody to ever have to go through this, but I know they do."

Edwards was still shaken up at the Florida airport Friday, but breathing got easier holding her baby girl.

It's was weeks since she reported her ex-husband took Aubrey for too long, during a visitation in Waurika, Oklahoma.

Officers say it was another mother who is the hero.

Police say Bradley Goodson was trying to rent an apartment from West Palm Beach mother Lisa De Long.  He was trying to use fake names for both he and the baby when he slipped and used the girl's real name.

"Just a hunch," De Long said.  "I said, ‘Let me just type in "missing children, missing child" and her picture popped up immediately."

While Goodson went to the restroom, De Long took the child and went straight to the West Palm Beach Police Department.

"Everybody came together as a community," Edwards said gratefully, "I mean, people from far around, I was getting emails off of Facebook."

Edwards said the social media site soon became a frenzy with her picture shared everywhere and she appreciates all the extra eyes trying to locate her daughter.

Police said Bradley Goodson is charged with resisting arrest and being an out of state fugitive.

Edwards said this is not the first time her ex-husband has taken the baby and run off, admitting it has happened seven or eight times, but he has always contacted someone with their whereabouts and has never taken her so far away.