Witness Describes Murder Of Elderly Woman In Midwest City

Tuesday, February 21st 2012, 7:00 pm
By: News 9

New details emerge in a bizarre murder case out of Midwest City. Police report finding Phillip Potts and his girlfriend naked with a suicide note. Investigators said it appears Potts tried to blow up the house with natural gas after the murder.

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Although Phillip Potts and his girlfriend tried to kill themselves, both lived to be questioned about what happened on February 13, 2012 that led to the killing of 64-year-old Violet Hemphill. The couple's answers are detailed in a newly released court document.

Police report finding furniture turned over, holes in the walls, and a knife handle with the blade broken off. The court document goes on to explain why police arrested Hemphill's nephew, Phillip Potts for murder.

On the day police transported Potts to the Oklahoma County Jail, he refused to answer questions from News 9 and police said he did not talk with investigators either. Potts claims to not remember anything that happened the day of the murder.

The document shows Potts' girlfriend described every detail about what she witnessed. The girlfriend said after a fight between Potts and Hemphill, it's reported Potts began tearing up the living room. From her bedroom, Hemphill yelled out asking what was going on and that's when Potts ran into her room.

The girlfriend said she heard what she believed was a fight. Then Potts came out saying he needed a blunt object.

Investigators said numerous bloody weapons were located around Hemphill's body. Police list an axe, a bloody brick, bloody table legs, and a broken knife. Officers said she also had a bloody pillow on top of her face.

The girlfriend told police she was in the living room during the killing and she heard a gurgling sound. When she later asked Potts if he killed his aunt, he said yes, and he felt calm about it.

The girlfriend told police she witnessed blood all over the room, but did not see the victim's body because she was covered with a blanket.

At this point, the girlfriend is considered a witness in the case.

Police said Potts also had cuts on his right hand but he refused to explain how he got the injuries. Potts faces a murder charge.