Father Outraged After Son's Beating On School Bus

Wednesday, March 7th 2012, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

A concerned father says his son was beaten up and covered in blood from head to toe during a ride home on the school bus.

The bus route originated at Overholser Elementary School in Bethany. That father also says the bus driver did nothing to make sure his son was OK. Now talks of a lawsuit are in the works against the Putnam City school district.

The dad, David Gonzalez, Sr., says shortly after the bus came and went he found his 5-year-old son, David Gonzalez Jr., lying unconscious in the front yard. All of this happened after the boy told his dad that an older student whaled on him during the bus ride home.

"I got beat up," kindergarten student David Gonzalez, Jr. said. "He hit me."

A paper towel that dad has saved is what the bus driver gave David to soak up the blood. David's father says it was the only act of compassion the driver showed.

"Why would they let the kid off the bus while he's bleeding from head to toe," asked Gonzalez, Sr.

That was the very question News 9 took to Putnam City School District officials on Wednesday.

"The student did have a bloody nose but was walking under his own power," school district spokesperson Steve Lindley said.

The district says it reviewed video from the bus showing David slapping a third grader once and the third grader returning one blow.

"The whole incident lasted about five seconds," Lindley said.

The district says the only thing the driver should have done differently was report the incident to higher ups in order to notify parents.

David's dad says his son now has headaches at night, blurred vision and could have a mild concussion. The father says he plans to sue the school district. At the same time, all his son wants to do is stay home.

"My son is afraid to get back on the bus," Gonzalez Sr. said.

David's dad did call 911 when his son was injured. David was taken to the hospital, but police did not file a report because they say no laws were broken.

News 9 asked to see the video from the school bus, but Putnam City Public Schools says it would not release the video because of a possible lawsuit.